Announcing our 2019/2020 Season

Our three-concert season has something for every musical taste!  More details will follow, so check back — but here’s a brief overview:

Vivaldi Gloria

Friday, December 6, 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, December 7, 2 p.m.

Begin the holiday season with a celebration of the famous Vivaldi Gloria by the One World Singers and guest chamber orchestra, as well as holiday favorites and arrangements.

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi composed this Gloria in Venice, probably in 1715, for the choir of the Ospedale della Pietà, an orphanage for girls (or more probably a home, generously endowed by the girls’ “anonymous” fathers, for the illegitimate daughters of Venetian noblemen and their mistresses). The Ospedale prided itself on the quality of its musical education and the excellence of its choir and orchestra. Vivaldi, a priest, music teacher and virtuoso violinist, composed many sacred works for the Ospedale, where he spent most of his career, as well as hundreds of instrumental concertos to be played by the girls’ orchestra. This, his most famous choral piece, presents the traditional Gloria from the Latin Mass in twelve varied cantata-like sections.  The wonderfully sunny nature of the Gloria, with its distinctive melodies and rhythms, is characteristic of all of Vivaldi’s music, giving it an immediate and universal appeal.  Tickets will go on sale on this website approximately November 1, so check back!

Western Cabaret, featuring Oedipus Tex

Friday, March 13, 2020 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 14, 2020 2 p.m.

The One World Singers’ Cabaret has become known for showcasing groups within the chorus in a fun-filled and uplifting musical afternoon or evening, with delicious appetizers accompanying the experience. This year, the Cabaret takes a Western flair, and centers around the story of Oedipus Tex, written by P.D.Q. Bach.

P.D.Q. Bach biography: The last and oddest of J.S. Bach’s 20-odd children, P.D.Q. Bach began his musical career in obscurity and embarked upon an unsteady march into utter oblivion. He spent most of his adult life in the small German town of Wein-am-Rhein. It was a village virtually bereft of culture, a situation that was not improved by P.D.Q. Bach’s presence. The composer did occasionally encounter and steal ideas from local folk groups, such as Tommy Mann and his Magic Mountain Boys, for whom he wrote his Bluegrass Cantata.

One World, Many Voices: Denver Cultural Festival

A Sunday in May 21020, 2020 4 p.m.

Dancers! Choirs! Instruments! Denver’s rich cultural heritage is celebrated in this joyous and moving concert, featuring voices and sounds from around the world. In a world of divisiveness, the One World Singers promote understanding of our common humanity through the performance of music of many cultures and traditions.

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Join us for our 2019/2020 Season

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Announcing our 2019/2020 Season

Something for every musical taste!

Our three-concert season has something for every musical taste!  More details will follow, so check back — but here’s a brief overview: Vivaldi Gloria Friday,...